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Those Few Moments.

Saw  movements behind my glass door,

They  were  a fast speeding move on the floor,

The haste looked like a fleeing soar,

Quick as a wink the disappearance  marked a  four.



Opening the door ajar found no trace,

Upset over the vanishing blaze,

Stood mute overseeing the magical glaze,

Deliberating whether it could be an imaginative maze.




Closed the door with great  care,

Turned slowly from the specific fare,

 But came to a standstill   by a frightening stare,

 Eyes peering and peeping across in an inquisitive glare.



Shattered by the phantasy  so near,

Shaken by the proximity of the sight   to tears,

Legs dwindling in  absolute fear,

 Drove an implication of  a deadly casting on the rear.



The popping eyes across the glass,

Pronounced a dreary flash,

Passing frictions on the adrenaline  class,

While deducing a palpitation in a bash.



Blaming  woefully the cruel destiny,

Unbolted the door  praying simultaneously  to the almighty.

Raised the   eyelids in panic  but watched in relief happily

 As the  three boys and their dog  trotted   in imperiously.