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So We Sleep

Sleep is a slumber deeply  refreshing .

Giving an energy firmly vitalizing,

Restoring a freshness greatly enlivening,

Sleep should we without dreams disturbing.




The mind consistently tracks back the  events ,

Espying the hourly  progressions sorted by relevance,

Spicing up the actions with fine effervescence,

Sleep gets immersed in thoughts  convergence.




The closed eyelids  go through a slide show,

Visualising  the   scene by scene throw,

Keeping an uncomfortable vigil although,

Sleep becomes a trial uncalled for.




The nagging mind sticks to no codes,

Conducting  tirelessly a monotony of moods,

Provoking  deliberately the resting abodes,

Sleep rapidly diffuses into a non entity.




 The impulsive  provocations   settles comfortably,

Inclining towards a fractured existence personally,

Inducing an erratic concept of relaxation temporarily,

Sleep losing  solace emerges as a destroyer.




The  wake up  alarm ringing  early in the morn ,

Calling strains  of cock a doodle doo  at dawn,

Clattering vessels exploding  across the oven,

Sleep tends to run  headlong  from the bed.




Out into the day the tidings take over,

Clinging to the schedules in a crazy hover,

Grasping the tenets of temper with a firm tug over,

Sleep gets exiled from the normal  reservoir.