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Elegy for Terrorism

A decade packed with terrorism and violence,

Ten years of fear and turbulence,

Has made the world gape and  nervous

Rendering a  disaster  diabolical and grievous.

Oil rich nations are in turmoil  serious

Vying for power and wealth  tedious,

The western nations  bereft of oil,

Seize the  unrest by activating a foil.

The disturbed countries fall a prey,

To the ambit of the western sway,

Giving place to  war and death,

Where their own kith lose their breath.

The displeasure found an expensive target,

In the twin tower attack which beget,

Innumerable innocent lives  in a wink,

Grazing the tall structures to a blink.

Spearheaded by Osama  Bin Laden,

The destruction was an episode that saddened,

Millions and billions all over,

Leaving them  defunct moreover.

Obama carried a shoot out in Abbottabad,

Where Osama fell to the gun shots bad,

Came an end to the terrorism of Osama,

Brought out in strict secrecy by Obama.

With that terrorism should get away,

But still there are few ingots in the fray,

Who  have to be handled with care,

To eradicate the remains of terrorism in full fare.

A small hope shoots up,

A little desire spurts up.

Will the world be a land of peace?

Can Mankind exist with ease?