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Shot by Macabre Thoughts

Thinking can make a man great and  wise,

It also convicts  him to be a man with vice,

Thoughts bring in wisdom most times,

They also draw horror certain times.

Good thoughts take us to great heights,

Kind thoughts  lead us to a beacon of light,

Noble thoughts  enhance our  soul

Loving thoughts enliven all.

The evil mind  works on mischievous  ugly  plans

The scathing temper bursts out on  the clan,

The intention of distorting the flow,

Is expressed in venomous  blow.

The inclination  to strangle and squeeze the  kin

Whether it be your own sister or brother in,

 W ho  suck the last drop of blood like a leech,

Causing a destruction beyond reach.

It is a   well planned but  disproportionate  devour ,

Willing to swallow the cake and the pie  with great power,

Leaving not a morsel or a wee bit  to the co born,

Devastating  grotesquely  her to the forlorn. 

It may sound a little far-fetched to you,

To me it is the course of life in true,

Right from childhood   I unknowingly became a prey,

To the siblings greed which  I demurely accepted without a say.

Still they are not appeased and contented,

Having made me  bereft of all the content,

They strive to drain the pride and diligence  I hold,

Amongst all oddities and eventualities  like a bold.

I sigh and heave ” why was I born?”

In a family to be discarded as leaf torn.

May be I was an anomaly in my mother’s womb,

Which after living for so many years creates a dome.

Isolating myself from the macabre horizon

I  chose to live in an unknown zone.

Living a life of anonymity  in seclusion,

Away from the  intriguing   deceiving intrusion.

 Am working like a  devil to forget the  loss,

More or less achieved   the gain  on the floss,

I  Pray hard not to set my eyes on them,

No more  of  disenchantment  from them