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Garnishing the Tarnished.

Making up for  the lost   values and images,

 Is a time-tested practice from all ages,

Dressing up the severed faces in gauges,

Spicing up the insipid food in stages,

Adding up details to empty pages,

Sprucing up cheer to boredom in ranges,

Is the story of life according to sages.

Life is not a smooth sail and an easy float,

It revolves round a seductive   and deliberate note,

Penetrating into a fathomless   deep moat,

Critical of the salient  and imminent  grote,

Framing an illustrious and  sparkling fort,

Over a   baseless disproportionate  bloat,

Adding  a pinch of salt to the tasteless  toast.

A desolation is camouflaged  by rich presentation,

A sagging face is made up by artificial attraction,

A melancholic dilemma is forged into a rejoicing celebration,

A dullness is worked up into a prudence by enabling distraction,

A treachery is transformed into an acumen by manipulation.

That much for the masquerading techniques  in operation.

Contradiction leads to a distinctive incoherence,

Discordant notes produce a jarring reference,

Evil  thoughts give a hateful accordance,

Fallacy restores an inevitable abeyance,

Assuming a  pretension  in all occurences,

The tarnished are garnished with tolerance.