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Through The Keyhole

It  was  a thorough  checking that took place,

It was a minute detailed  survey  conducted

 It  was a skilful surgery performed,

It was a lovely painting portrayed.

All the incongruities were laid bare, 

Every opinion was tabulated,

The  minute anomaly was removed,

Each small impression  became lively.

The scenario over a large canvas  is massive,

It attains a proportion   beyond all ratio,

The bewildering depiction stares and stares ,

Getting one into an uncomfortable throw.

The small presentation is a delicious magnificence,

Rendering an articulate  and fine attune,

The soft feathery touch lightens up the mind,

Accepting that small is beautiful.

Thoroughness overtakes vastness, I feel,

 Deep insight jumps over  broad outlook , I assume,

 Good turn  holds much more than  a philanthropic  deal,

A key hole is a window to the world than a wide door.