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Tweet ,Caw,Hoot

Noises kept us alert before,

Now they drive us ashore,

Long ago noises set the tune  of the day ,

Today  they spoil the tone of the say.

A chirping tweet at the dawn,

Heralds a classic treat  in the morn,

With the sun’s rays streaking through the barn,

Sparrows, Pigeons , and parrots munch the corn.

As the day gets ahead  in time

The clock  strikes the noon chime,

The sun   is exactly at 90 degrees mime,

As the crows caw in an unholy rhyme.

The fall of the day follows  with ease,

Darkness engulfs as a   sticky grease,

The sun  gracefully sinks to a freeze,

As the owl’s hoot  eliminating peace.

No such noise is heard   today,

It is the honk, creak ,bang all the way,

That holds us in a mechanical sway,

Throwing us as minions into the bay.