The Distinct Voice

Mona is into cooking.
Knows not much of it
engages herself
somehow or other.

She cuts vegetables.
One big and one small.
Peels onions. Tears flow down.
Chops them with an effort.

Pressure cooks the vegetables.
They turn soft and are in a jumble.
The rice is overcooked.
Her lunch is a whole mess.

Hungry she becomes. In haste,
she mixes the vegetables with rice.
Gobbles. It has a quaint taste with a burnt smell.
The one she has not tasted before.

Resting for a while. She improvises
She attempts again. More cautious.
Her preparation turns delicious.
She is proud.

Days go by. Mona has mastered cooking,
She is a culinary expert. She is much in demand.
Her book “Cookery For The beginners”. is a top seller.
Mona has found her distinct voice.