I Did Not Foresee.

It is been years since
It is been a decade or more.
I had been out of my town
not permanently but as often
I did not foresee.

It is one I did not expect.
It is a surprise could be a shock too.
Away from my place of love,
from a place of comfort.
I did not foresee.

It has been a venture.
Can I call it an adventure?
In a land completely new,
strange and different.
I did not foresee.

A shudder passes down my spine.
I turn back and look.
Being a retrospection in general.
I have crossed many a hurdle.
I did not foresee.

How did my sojourn pay me?
It promised a lucrative revenue.
How did I pay it back?
It extracted a return being my health.
I did not foresee.

I know not when this would end.
I saw a flash the day before.
My ordeal seems to come to a close.
Well, that was the day before.
Today, I see a blackout.
I did not foresee.