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A Desert In A Platter

Every delicacy is laid out  with great care,

Every entry is taken care off with attention rare,

Every possible way is chalked out with minute  tare,

All things are set in exquisite style calling it fair.


The stage is well set for the game,

The parties look for a medium to blame,

They locate no such disqualifications  to name,

They settle for a  compromise all the same.


Suddenly controversies and conflicts get ahead in a speed,

Rebellions and revolts race swiftly in a lead,

The finality draws to a close intensive bleed,

Succumbing to the  afflictions  of a strangling breed.


Bombshell and grenades cause a tumultous loud,

Shrieks and shouts  keep the land  in terrible cloud,

Collapses and fall downs attempt a consideration shroud,

The rejection of peace  and joy is felt  aloud.


The dictators raise a hue and a cry,

The revolters agitate for freedom and try,

The West  stealthily creeps in a sly,

Eyeing the oil  wells with a  shy.


The desert falls a prey to the  conspiracy ,

Its  wealth is robbed in high frequency,

The self proclaimed leaders  deal with a piracy,

Along with the Western assured tenancy.


The emptying of the platter is  swift

The treasure gets almost over in a regular  drift,

Oh! No! the oil wells keep on supplying   like a gift

Unmindful of the  turbulence and a wicked drift.