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A Quiet Town Becomes Noisy

A little town in the banks of River Perak (Sungei Perak)

Mostly onto a lethargic slow track,

With a population of  less than hundred thousand,

The town Teluk Intan or the Bay of Diamond,

Rises up  with a sluggish shrug  every morn.

A sleepy town with no hectic sojourn,

With no  urgent motions to adjourn,

The oil palm plantations spread all around,

Fishing  across the rivers with no sound,

Keep the fire burning at home.

The three races live  with a friendly link,

Each one  supporting  each other at a wink,

At the surface it is a combination homogeneous,

Beneath the depth it is mixture heterogeneous,

Yet there dwells an impressive unity.

The archaic  silence   gets out-of-place,

The mid April sees  a  festival of grace,

Chithra pournami brings in cheer and spontaneity

All in a show of devotion and offerings in variety,

Awakening the town to an ecstatic  celebration .

The Lord Dhandayuthapani  in  Teluk Intan   is  up

Nine decades ago the Nattukottai  Chettiars s  set up ,

The temple of worship in their business place

Hosted a week-long festival  in  honor Of Lord’s grace,

Paying obeisance and respect to the Almighty.

The small beginning has led to a great progress,

Which not only rewarded them in business,

Also blessed them with other largess,

Prompting them to hail the lord,

As their all-powerful God.

The mercy of the Lord spread all through,

The beauty of Muruga captivated everyone true,

The Procession of Lord through the streets,

Proves a sumptuous  grand treat

Enthralling  the devotees  to a divine bliss.