Economy reverberation thoughts turmoil

Writing on the Wall

Forests are thick and dense,

With wild animals  treading  hence,

Lions , tigers ,wolves , bears roam,

Over the ground marshy and loam,

It is dangerous to go alone,

Is the writing on the wall’s tone.

Land is large and extensive,

With people wicked and oppressive,

Frauds, villains treacherous,deceits loiter,

Creating a terrible disaster,

It is a diligence to move  about,

It is the writing on the wall’s shout.

Economy is caught in the midst of  turbulence

With the currencies depleting in value  of  reference,

Manipulation, greed, misappropriation, cheat are agog,

Implicating a pleading insight to  an economic fog,

It is a deliberation to  business,

It is the writing on wall’s resonance.

Glancing on all potential cautions,

The desire to live becomes a notion,

Reflecting on the  goals of future,

Life has to go on with a closeted nurture,

Intimidating is the clairvoyant call,

Which is the writing on the wall.