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Going To Polls

Elections are no more for governance.

People go to polls with an expectation,

Hoping for a change in the composition,

Of governance and administration,

Having in mind the progression,

Calling for a healthy representation.


Politicians go to the polls with an expectation too,

Anticipating a wealth accumulation unto,

Of land and money altogether into,

Counting the currency and commodity  too and too,

Relying on a resounding victory all too.



Elections  took place  in Tamil nadu with full force,

The leaders campaigned  the polls with an intimate browse,

Extending Televisions, laptops  and few grams of gold  in the course,

Rambling out promises in a high throated  roars,

Fooling the people in well  conceived  pros.



Karunanidhi claims a victory with ease,

Jeyalalitha harps on a triumph of full freeze,

Each engaged in a prattle  of unhealthy tease,

Battling on an embittered  seas,

Awaiting another innings with most appease.



Penny wise pound foolish  is the Tamils motive,

Pounding  on free throws and  sops  like a captive,

Gaping at the  gaudy sly leaders  like a fugitive,

Enthralled by the politicians  gestures in a transitive,

Tamils follow them in a trance and thrill emotive.


The leaders  with their family march ahead   with a  pace,

Clinging to their children both  legal and illegal  in  trace,

Carrying with them a wholesome baggy brace,

Putting forth an ever smiling and charming face,

Creating a significant thoroughfare of grace.


After few months,


People  sell the televisions and gold in times of need,

Poverty  in  no little time strikes  a blow on the breed,

Leaving them in the mercy of the  political creed,

Terminating the  mirth  into a bloody bleed




By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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