Over To A Rose.

Over there I see a rose

which is lovely and lively

she being always a fascination

calmly releasing an amazement

enlivening those who see (56)


The little rose pink and yellow

dangles in the breeze with a flow

majestically beckoning all to her

a ravishing beauty indeed!.


The flower with dainty petals

so soft and smooth in elaboration

with a skill and a thrill in designation

sings with mirth the joy of fulfillment.


Fear rises when I see the little rose

a little move wrong  would disturb her

a slight touch even would torment her

she being so delicate and pretty.


The tiny rose on the green stalk

with the pricking thorns sticking out

opens up with a glossy cheer

invigorating the heart that watches her.


The rose sends an excitement all the more

then and when she comes out with a new shoot

holding my soul and spirit together entranced

as I devour her beauty with my large eyes.



The Fall Down

A beautiful flower 

bright and yellow

falls down

hurting none


A lively child

falls down

hurting itself badly

not the place where it fell.



A pretty girl

falls down

she being squashed up

with an abused body

and a deranged mind.yellow flower




The Smile Of The Flower.

A flower smiles 
 is it for you too ?
Not so much in the line
 with a glossy fine
 its petals expressing a greet
 while its colour giving a treat
 that be the greatest clue
 for me to find it true
 that flower smiles at me
 whenever I see with glee
 might be a reflection 
 as I see a deflection
  a degree almost 360 
going by a luminosity 
 that a smile could bring
 beating the illuminations  in a swing
 enhancing the soul to a brim
 dispelling the total grim
next time you see a flower
 try to capture her smily flavour
 Well, she smiles forever
 as long as she be in a blossom
 enchantingly the flower is awesome.

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Flower, Grass, Tree And Man

the flower blooms 

signalling prosperity

the grass grows thick

indicating fertility

the trees yield fruits

showing out their fecundity

the man  powers his strength

destroying the fellow human

the one or the other thrivesflower sman_and_nature_164025

not for their own

but to make others happy

while man gets stronger

turning his own breed unhappy

while tormenting the rest.

That is a flower

a fruit and grass

Well, that is also

the man at the last.





Exhilaration Inciting

A little flower in the garden

 winked at me without pardon

 while I opened  at dawn 

my window wide and drawn.


Winking back at her with affinity

with an expressive smile infinitely

I went out to her with an affability

intending to see her   closely.


She was beautiful from  proximity

almost like a new-born in entity

with tender petals gleaming glossy

exuding a glimmer  great and shiny.


Badly wanted to touch her lovingly

afraid she would get hurt terribly

stood admiring her for a while happily

assimilating her beauty  greatly.


The visual delight was images (2)awe-inspiring

so was the mental peace  transpiring

being for a few moments involving

yet gave an  exhilaration inciting.


In A Steal

The pretty flower from yonder beckons
going to it in the fastest run
tripped on a small stone
fell down and broke the bone.

With the bruised leg and torn calf muscle
walked slowly brushing aside the tussle
went near the lovely flower
which went past my cheeks in a shower.

Then with a limp and a painful pull
turned back with loving feelings full
stretching the hurt leg on the sofa
reminisced the event with a guffaw.

The dainty flower likes me, I feel
as it kissed my cheeks with a feel
seem to caress me with a smothering feel
Oh! it has taken my heart in a steal.pretty flower


The Blooms.

The flower is in full bloom
dispelling all gloom
giving way to a room
where nothing looms
everything zooms
intoflower blooms a delightful boom


Saturations And Repercussions.

Noticed a lovely little bud near by.
Saw a mighty ocean a little away.
Perceived a blossoming flower besides.
Met a unmatured girl a few yards away.
Getting assaulted on every other way
Her spirit dampened at the incongruity of the world.



The Bud Becomes A Flower.

Watching out into the garden
saw a tiny bus on a plant.
it looked so small and cute
a wee little and minute.

As everything grows
this little one opened out
and looked a little big
and strong not frail.

The opening could be seen
after careful inspection
The bud seemed to be in a dilemma
as to smile or not to smile.

leaving the bud to itself
fearing constant care could spoil
went about with my work
returning to find it has blossomed.

The bud has become a flower
spreading fragrance all over
with an astonishing beauty
arresting every one who passed by.

It is not anything wonderful
you might say
but for me it holds
a divine illumination.

The course of its growth
and the way it bloomed
deliver a bout of enlightenment
transcendentalimages (63) and one of contentment.

Actions Inspiration Nature Poem

Travel With Nature.

Nature takes you along
wherever it goes.
Go with the river
you lose your shiver,
Get ahead over the hill
it would bring you peace still.
Watch the Ocean
that enumerates extensive reason.
Look at the tree.
It would make your mind free.
Observe a plant
which demonstrate implants.
Last of all the flower
which exhibits beauty forever. travel