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Ecofriendly Disorientation

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

The Copenhagen summit has concluded with compressed results.

The deliberations were not focused . Obama had to bring about a forced acceptance.

Most nations negated the proposal, put forth by U.S along with its environmental comrades India , China and brazil.

The climate change is due to the disregard  of nature .

The age-old customary affliations have been grossly rejected.

The area around us is totally eco distracted enmity.

A f ew years back , there prevailed a living close to nature.

Nature was worshipped.

Any dishevelment to the plausibility of Nature was considered a transgression, a sin , an aberration.

The life was simple. Electricity was used to the minimum.Most domestic work was done by hand.

The house was cleaned and mopped manually.There was no sign of Vacuum cleaner.

The flour was pounded by hand,the bread was baked in an oven worked with fire wood, the cooking was done in a stove also  by firewood. The pounding machine was a late advent. The micro wave oven and the electric stove were unknown .

Washing the clothes was a done by  scourging  with hand, washing and rinsing with water pulled out from the deep well.Washing machines did not exist.Electric motors were not thought of.

Bathing was performed with warm water prepared in a boiler  by igniting coal.Geysers were a strange product.

During cold winter ,warmth was exuded from the fireplace, again kept alive by the firewood.

Rice was boiled in an earthen pot.Pressure cookers and rice cookers were never heard of

Lights were lit at six in the evening. The big lamps were cleaned and filled with oil .at dusk.The thread was soaked in oil and at the stroke of six in the evening they were lit.

Televisions, DVD’s,computere were not reckoned . The pastime was the congregation in a community hall, where  events  like dance , vocal and instrumental music were held. Dramas were enacted with much adherence to reality.The stage was a simple platform devoid of blinding light and jarring sound.

There was no amplifier to louder the rendition. It was a deliverance of personal ecstasy.

People ate natural food, practised natural formulas, lived naturally, slept in natural settings bereft of aircons, room heaters,.

They eulogized Nature.

In turn nature blessed them with fortunes and heavenly bliss.

As man started to ill treat the environment, it also gave him back with built-in venom and revenge.

The Copenhagen summit thus ended in a fiasco.

By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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