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The Sunshine And The Sunset.

Exalted thou be.

The marvels of nature  are  so many, that we hold our breath when we think of them.

We get agog when we see the beautiful sunrise in the morning.

The experience is so tremendous and terrific.

The fiery ball ,radiates illumination all throughout the day, specifically to a part of the earth, which propagates day light.

The other part assumes darkness ,and night is felt.

This is not due to the transit of sun , but to the rotation  of earth.

The sun rises in the east. The early hours of the day ,present a pictorial delight , which we miss as we lay cuddled in our cosy bed  unable to drive the slumber which wraps up profoundly in the morning.

The portrayal is most impressive when we perceive it from the sands adjoining the beach.

The rosy  round cherubic sun makes a gentle stride ,sluggishly takes a stroll in the beach.

Then ,gathers momentum,gradually rises up the blue ocean . The colourful realism is so overwhelming . The dark pink sun over the bluish overlapping tide , the brown sand in the forefront advances a dramatic indulgence.The combination of rosy pink, greenish blue and brownish beige sensationalize the spectator.

The delight is so bounteous that we get enwrapped by the divine beauty.We lose ourselves in the  enchanting manoeuvre.

The sunset also is equally fantastic. This time  a change of venue would be most attractive.

Let us settle in  the green hills, which exhibits  as the back drop.

Rubbing the eyes ,with a moist hand .we should get prepared to espy this celestial glamour.
The tired sun, after a twelve-hour shoot , is attempting to descend among the hills and hide its blinding light among the green vegetation.

It exposes a pale pink , with a tint of  mercurial glossiness. The  brown hills with dark green trees , are interrupted by  a steady  flow of  glistening water , pose a nestling place to the exhausted sun.

The hills throw a warm embrace and the sun nestles close to the rising platform, nudging its exterior  on the motherly mountains.

Here , apart from the presentation of grand eloquence of colour , we feel a transcendental experience .

This peculiar transit refers to  a godly assignment .

This blissful apparition diffuses us  .We rise above the earthly shortfalls , shirk vigorously from the mundane trespasses,.

A kindly graceful hand seems to lead us to the joyous heaven.

The experience is an  evolution of exhilaration


By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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