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A Day More To Go

A New Year Resolution!!!

 A decade  is about to come to a close. The curtains are in the verge of reaching the bottom.The stage ,where all men and women  were performing their part significantly or irrelevantly, is going to be dismantled.

A fresh platform is pushed forward with enthusiasm and exaltation, with anticipation and apprehension, with determination and deliberation.

Some of the participants of the earlier drama would have left for heavenly abode.Certain others would have retired to the shelter, exhausted of the events. The balance are still in the arena exhibiting their talent and exercising their might to win over.

Again, the remaining, along with a new crop of  participants have rolled up their sleeves  to enter the fresh decade 20010-2019  with renewed vigour and refreshed power.The refreshment  comes from the fresh young activists ,who are willing to take the challenges as opportunities.

Yes, challenges need to arise, as they bring with them elaborate qualifications  and introspection.

Fleeing from the opposing forces is a cowardly reaction.

Facing them with an open heart, sincere effort and serene virtuosity ,,is the application that would be much rewarded.

The world is full of jugglers, wicked hearted,venomous minded, deceitful characters.I  should not ascribe the word “full’,at this juncture,but restrict myself to the term ‘at the most’.

Identifying the good from the bad, the innocent from the evil, the genuine from the sly, is a herculean task.

We have to have a keen insight, a clear vision and an exact precision to find the real goodness from the feigned illusion.

In practicality,the harm ,the devilish disarray,will  be appealing, as they show the path to reach the destination without difficulty.

The goal  will be within your grasp, but seem to be elusive. It is like a mirage. You jump, you try, you force to catch it, but it eludes you. The easy path has led you nowhere. You move towards destruction.

The illustrious withdraw from these provocations. They think not aloud. They decide not openly. They act not hastily. They progress not in vain. They attain the glorious status ,in measured steps,in modest movement.

So, as we embark on the new decade, starting with 2010, the year has a beautiful rhythm twenty ten,let us prevail upon rashness, let us control temper and derision,let us refrain from harm and evil.

Coming to the positive remarks, let us toil towards prosperity and progress, let us improve quality and credibility, let us empower  achievement and atonement.

Finally, a call ,most common uncommon, let us become more humane and more benign.

Shall we?


By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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