Economy thoughts

The Economy As It Looks

Too early to predict.

A close perception of the economy ,presents a vivid dizzy picture.

Economy has flagged off , on one hand.

Economy appears meek ,on the other hand.

There is a rise in the market trading, not a phenomenal surge, but a decent up.

The prediction that 2010, will be of great interest ,financially and socially should happen.

The commercial discrimination is highly vulnerable. The small prick here , a little distraction there will bring a catastrophe.

The economy fell a prey to the capricious.

It cracked due to  deceit.

The manufacturing spree did not tremble at any time. The economy was not subdued by the industrial  activity.

When the GDP was  3%, the investment was about80%.The haste in acquiring portfolios was so immense, that the intrinsic intricacy of the share value was missed. The buoyancy was overwhelming. When there was a slight ruffle, during the sub prime crisis, there was an even more emphatic movement in selling ,The realisation was only 50%.forcing the financial to fold.

There was no reading of the investment proposals. There  was no realisation of the input and output.There was only greed.

The dire quality of accumulating whatever comes in the way,  hoarding whichever intercepts, storing whenever possible , has made economy a falling pack of cards.

As cards fell, the situation went out of control.There was an ignominious splash, an incorrigible disaster.

Now, the economy has been dressed up with the stimulus package. The fractured body has been put in a cast.The tear has been stitched.

The performance of the stitch is yet to be known.

Will the economy survive  without the promptings of the bail out package?

It looks it will sustain .

It also seems, it will have many falls before it straightens up.

The future of the economy is in the investor’s hands more than in the administration.

By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

One reply on “The Economy As It Looks”

Yes, the economy seems to be picking up slightly. However, is that only because of the government rebates available? What happens when the home rebates stop? Will the housing market crash again?

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