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Iceland’s Nobility.

Unbeliveable things do happen.

The Ice save scheme ,the internet arm of Iceland Bank ,failed in October 2008.

The Dutch and british savers lost their money.

The original agreement drawn between the affected nations and the failed bank  was rejected by the savers.

The Iceland government was put in a severe context, that it had to pass a referendum in the parliament,seeking each citizen to pay 12,000 euros,thus enabling the return of the money.

The 320,000 populous  of the island nation are penalised for the bank’s mistake, voice a few.

25%,of the people  have signed the petition, the rest have to ,though with strong objection.

This repayment ,will almost be at par with the expenses meted out by the central health services.

The nation is fuming and fretting .

The bill has been passed by a narrow margin.

The Icelanders have to pay till 2024,which amounts for 40%of GDP.

The economy of a nation is governed by a referendum.

A little amusing, but mostly sounds disturbing.

The population has to abide by the rules set by the nation.

The hard-earned money has to go to the treasury to save the nation.

Impractical and unintelligible,feel most of the Icelanders.

But ,considering the honour of the nation, they cannot sit back

Nobility has been forced down their throttle.

Yes ,greatness has been thrusted upon them.

By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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