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The Most Eligible Year.

Heard of eligible bachelors not of eligible year eh!!

The 2010 is the most eligible year, as it is born out of dense clouds, that castigated the economy,and deep uncertainty that hovered over the world .The year is being personified.

The unholy combination has evolved a year that would act reasonably ,that would perform marginally, that would linger exceptionally ,better than its predecessor 2009. The economic retrogradation has depleted the money power.The political instability has deprived the muscle power.These two mighty eternities have been infinitely towed down by the calamities .

Man has become cautious. Man has become prudent,. He has learnt again to save.

 The audacity to throw away money on anything under the sun has been mitigated, though not fully scourged.

The arrogance to enforce blatant attacks have been subdued,though not entirely ejected

The sweltering and the beating Man received knowingly or unknowingly has put logic into his mind. The diminishing strengths have constructed a different categorical record that ensues faith and humility.

The business standards have traversed through contemtuous passages. The year 2009  had showed an ugly depiction of the transactions..

 Fraudulent took the toll.

 Lies extolled over factual.

 Sly manipulations overwhelmed genuine transactions.

 In short, cheats succeeded, but got entrapped towards the end.

 Madoffs, Rajus, Rajaratnams, who rose high, who overpowered in wealth and might over counter businessmen, were handcuffed and put behind bars.

The year 2010,is bereft of all these shortcomings, as the defaults have been weeded, rather uprooted.

It has to bring in cheer and happiness.

Much anticipation is in the air.

Will the eligible year live up to the expectations?

By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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