A Little Thought

Can we not think about others?

Can we not feel for others?

Can we not help others?

Can we not love others?

Can we not ,can we not?

The heart cries with a vibrance.



Is it not sad to see a flower wither?

Is it not painful to look at  a tree  rot?

Is it not desperate to view a parched earth?

Is it not wrenching to watch an animal suffer?

Is it not frustrating to  witness a man die?

Is it not , is it not?

The heart wails with despair.



Do everyone feel the same manner?

Do all experience the same way?

Do most pass  through  same  passage?

Do  the majority go through the cycle?

Do they ,do they?

The heart mourns in anguish



A little consideration takes you a long way,

A little  patience leads you to  happiness,

A little feeling brings in joy

A little  love endorses a loveliness,

A little , A little,

The mind cheers up the heart.







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