The News Paper In The Morn

The crack I heard 

made a sound so strange

making me to be on toes

not knowing from where it came

stood almost motionless for a time

while my thoughts made their own story ‘

that being a crash of the roof

a collapse that is coming down

while I being trapped in the ruins

with no help in the proximity

not even able to shout for help

as my voice got stifled in between

that be the end of me cried my soul

which had readied itself to fly

leaving my mortals under the roof

with none to claim it

as my  imagination was building up

my reality came into existence

finding myself standing where I am

intact full of flesh and bone

nothing wrong has taken place

except a creaking sound from the  iron gate

where the paper boy 123612816_amazoncom-lad-o-the-hillsnewspaper- has thrown the news paper

with that begins the day of work

that is my routine all through the years

first  in the morning going through the news

be it how many gadgets come up

with news getting  flashed up all  day and night

the paper in hand in the morning

has been my delight all my life

as you know habits die-hard,


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