One Another.

I be not excited
says he
I be not thrilled
says she
they be not interested
I say
having been  through all the days
one be not with the other
the other be always against the one
there be no understanding
just a fight in between
that makes one tired
and the other bored
so they find no excitement
nor any adventure
as they see only conone anothertroversy
leading to nothing 


The Frequent Births

Prolific in  everything

might be in writing too

seems pardonable

that which does not come out

sticks  back in the mind

making it repressive and aching

once they shoot out

the brain gets eased up

leaving  space to enjoy

attached you  to another period

you  might  not be aware when

another bout spurts out

then again a let out

releasing a joy  unknown

that of giving birth often

many issues would seem profane

looking predominantly  amusing

but if that be the case  then restrict

says the mind  rather stiffly

the heart would not listen

and up comes the posts one by one

telling me that fertility is great

and fecundity is  greater still

with recognition and admiration

let be the acceptance first

that would lead to glory

and a rhapsodical  celebration child birth



Be It Anything

Be it charm

be it harm

it is in a swarm

that brings never  a warm

not surely  a balm

as in the  storm

we get no calm

very much out of form

not within the specified norm

having to survive in prescribed   proceed

that be of great  diligence in the   need.41cMZXNTrrL._SL500_AA280_





Great Is His Verse.

Know a poet 

who lived in a land

not known to many

being a small hamlet

with no amenities

say that be modern

living in a big house

traditional and big

built amongst nature’s bounty

with trees and plants around

living all by himself

with a few sincere friends about

ate when he liked

slept when he wished

not governed by time

passing hs days

looking at the beautiful sky

and cherishing every moment of it

that got transcribed in his verse

sustaining the vigour and trance

that he experienced all through his life

Great be his likes

Great is hamlet his verse

pure and clear

like the sky

he sees all through.


Having Lived long.

The feel of having lived long

all through the winds fair and foul

having been tossed by tides good and bad

all been seen in the skin and face

that no physical work was there all too

undergone a mental  battle in a cross

nothing came to hand in an easy mode

even to pick a needle small

had to bend and strain the most

as to get hold of one’s own

had to struggle to get a tiny piece

which also ebbed in the final throw

that has been all the life

seeming to be long and winding

hope to depart laughing-old-ladysoon

not similar to the way I have lived

but to get away in a wink

and that be the end of me.



The Rivalry.

A competition is there

between power and fame

were power ultimately wins.


A rivalry is there

over wealth and power

finally wealth succeeds.


Being a question all through

which download (37)is victorious in the end

I want to see through.


As I  am ignorant

anyone out there

tell me  the triumphant.