The world Of Greed

In the world of greed
there is no breed
or ain’t be no creed
that speaks of good read
boasts of taking a lead
be it in any feed
goes down in the deed
not fulfilling anything with the seed
but making it to terribly bleed
extinguishing it as it is not in need
down the drain  it goes without any heed
and that be the end of all greed.

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Grace be With You

Grace be with you
called a voice
startled by the call
rushed to see
who it would be?

Seeing none out there
turned back with a fear
as none would call out so loud
crossed the door with a thought
heavy and full of despair .

There again called the voice
Grace be with you
holding the heart
that jumped out
I moved forward.

Seeing none again there
closed the door firmly
wishing not to hear once more
but the voice again rose up
with the Grace be with you.

I sat tightly on my chair
feeling that this is but a mischief
played well by my grandson
who thinks I am his playmate
wanting to make a fool out of me.



The Rosy Content

Th economy is fast growing

with a speculation  of great growth

which says that inflation is under control

the buying capacity has increased

and with that goes the vibration

wherein we see a stimulus

that has accelerated the growth

with the manufacturing on the increase

and jobs growing more

leading to a  dwindle of  the job seekers claim

heralding a growth of ultimate production

with the banks looking cheerful

and their deposits increasing

their rates still the same

the productivity all around

foresees a great turn around

growing not with pain

but with  beautiful content rosy.



Writing A Diary

Writing a diary 

has never been my practice

as such recording the events

chronologically with own views

gets me on the nerves

as Idiary feel incidents that happen

if vital would get registered  firmly in the mind

and if not serious enough

would diffuse and get forgotten

that being my attitude

I tried once and the lat

writing the days happenings

but could not go further

as my hand did not move

knowing fully well

that my mind is not for it

being half way through

it refused to move

with that I closed my diary

and then never thought of writing any more.



The acceleration of the swings

that be from one end to other

with the westerlies picking up force

the rains playing truant  all the while

perceiving a big violence  all over

with the trees going to and fro

as if in their speed the roots would come up

that being a situation alarming

the land seemed to shake with a shiver

where everything else looks imbalanced

the cries of animals godownload (48) unheard

as they say the animals know

and predict the vagaries of weather

man in his closeted privacy

does not pay heed to the sounds of these animals

who get a premonition

that something distraught is on the way.




The Sound Of Silence.

I could hear no noise

 it is damn still

 silence is itself a sound Sound of Silence wallp11

 that has no voice

 but imposes a terrible  feel

it also lends out a great deal

a scenario of tenseness

where there arises a fear

that of being with no one

sometimes it is very inviting

most times it takes us away

creating an awe and scare

awesome it is to be in silence

might be for a temperate

on the long run it is not entertained

as silence and darkness

get going with hand altogether

the plausibility of being  alive

has to be equated with life

the breathing has to be juxtaposed

the nerves and veins have to have a let out

for that we need company

not that of human  entirely

but that of sound  mostly

not jarring but pleasant

that be of music pleasing

that be of talk enlightening

that be of a cackle enlivening

that be of a chuckle invigorating

a company of like mindedness

would become a gracious treasure.