Brevity Being The Way

brevityBrevity being the soul of the wit
nailing it on the head with a hit
the beating around the bush  takes away a bit
that of long winding expressions  engages a pit
the inconvenience  frames a web in close-knit
leaving an uneasiness all through being  unfit
the over and above  narrations open out  a dull outfit.
As such these have to be eschewed from the list
the attempt to propose everything in a gist
finds its way  with an untold bliss.


Excellence In Exuberance

artistic excellence




Excellence in exuberance

The artistic excellence seen in any area

be it in poetry or painting

much so in music and sculptor

is a studied pain of creativity

The creative skill in each one of us

comes to the brim in an effervescence

carrying with a lot of relevance

that be the outcome of that specific moment.

Gathering all along in the innermost

getting processed in the mind at the full most

growing with the days at the most

the mounted up passion finds its way almost.

Once it gets into the canvas

be it a write up or a poem

be it a recital or a piece of art

the exuberance spills all over .

There we find a masterpiece

the real craftsman’s endearing work

that is going to create a sensation

aspiring to become a legend  in time.


The Vacant

A time comes that there be nothing to write

with the mind becoming vague in sight

having gone across all the wide

talking about things that need no write .


This vagueness sits so intact on the mind

allowing it not to go and  find

compelling it to languish by the side

blinking like an imbecile with an abide.


That being the case with me on and off

I go out of the track with a laugh

stay out for a time in a place away

then return with  nothing to say.


The say has become my guess

I talk what come in my mind fresh

never deliberating what I should say

that has been my way through the long day.


Now , faced with such state of mind  suddenly

I having fulfilled all my promises hopefully

long to fly taking my wings to a place

where I want to live as an unknown face.


A Lion On The Line.

lion (1)A lion on the line
has been on the keen
looking warm in the arms
stood high by a try
coming close with a force
it roared causing a furore
moving around in a bound
looking restless yet breathless
advanced straight on the right
charging heavily  almost soberly
causing a devastation without a retribution
then marched  ahead with a high head.


The Divine Garden

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A beautiful garden there

with flowers very rare

shining in the glare

looking very fair

that being tended with care

enlightens the spirit

as we get close to it

enjoying it bit by bit

I relax there and sit

I sat there very long

with a sense of belong

as the garden was like a song

where the birds throng

the tiny insects buzz around

not flying out of bound

enraptured in such musical sound

I lift my eyes and look around

the night has fallen slowly

the sun has gone lowly

everything appears holy

as I stand up to walk past the garden.