The Resonance.

glazba-glavnaLive it be in the air
that of music to share
keeping the eyes closed
heard the resonating flow
forgetting the sounds around
that be of the vendor in a round
lending no ear to the milkman
who brings home milk in a big can
turning deaf to the chauffeur
who gets paid the most from my coffer
I sit unperturbed and in peace
hearing the music flowing  through the trees
sat I for long with eyes closed and hands folded
as though it is an enigma that got slowly rolled.


Out In A Stretch

Out in a stretch
there was a sketch
that was drawn so well
as it revealed a great tell.
It was a lively fetch
that was brought with outstretchexaltation
showing the greatness in the beat
that being so lovely and upbeat.

The picture looked beautiful in all
with scenes well designed in a call
it was an embellishment real and great
a source of amazement at a rate.

The exaltation knew no bounds
as it had gone on many rounds
with the mirth booming high
the excitement got caught in a tie.


Peace Be With You

There is  peace 

really. you  ask

as there is no thing

that much could be seen

with peace and goodwill

as every other place

there is fight and tension

that go with a fusion

with terrorism on the sway

with  corruption on to gay

with that of deception all the day

there be peace you say

what sort of peace do you mean ?

ask you bona fide

I do reply in the stride

that there is peace I assure

not found in the political

never found in business

but seen among people

who play it simple

whether there be a fight


it lasts for a day

where there is mirth

it prolongs for months

there I find peace and joy

seamless they are

entwined they look

that be peace and contentment.

Peacethis is my answer

the case of satisfaction to the reply

lies on the way you take .

Peace be with you always!


The Philosophy Of Life.

All days seem special to me 

there being a ray of hope

there seeming a tinge of joy

there apparently an activity

that dawns with the day

and advances with it

assigning nothing special to every other day

be it birthdays ,anniversaries

assigning no speciality  at any cost

that be my approach all these years

I expect none to wish me for any day

as I feel I am born every day

and my sleep is a death every night

waking up as a new-born feach dayresh

dying like a worn out  exhausted

that be my philosophy all through

which none like and accept.



Godman Dubious

There be a man 

who talks irrelevance

thinks he speaks relevance.


He has practised this cult  for long aaggg-300x0

speaking unnecessary

at the most unwanted time.


He talks about religion

while he could not spell

the very word.


He is a not in-depth

be that anything

talk or act.


He talks all the time

all the way to all people.

irrespective of anybody listening.


That be his genre

a not so matured in mind

not understands the essence.


Having lived so long

he feels he is great

but has become a laughing-stock.


People giggle and sneer at him

saying he is  another  god-man  dubious

clad in robes plain.