The Adamancy.


The child in us all
showing itself in the desire for all
raising up in the form of adamancy in the thrive
that be the firmness in the likings with a strive
the feel of stubbornness going up with the age slowly
the intention to acquire increases gradually
the thought gains momentum as days go by
while the need or necessity takes the back seat in the try
the only aim is to get it by hook or crook anyway
that again proves akin to the childlike craziness in a way
with the feverish move there goes an attempt frivolous
which annihilates the reason and analysis almost rebellious
the mulish attitude grows with a zeal tumultuous
therein we find the grown ups as little boys in their glee.


Ode To A Door.

The wooden door over there
stands for centuries there
it does not look bare
it is one that which is rare.

The wood is known as teak
having everything in sleek
the thickness and rays found greatly
show its  tenacity and beauty  mostly.

The door opens out and closes
with its hinges still in force
creak does it at times
still being  alert all times.

Scenes that took place inside
incidents that happened outside
has the door recorded  with dates
never would it reveal at any rate.

The door is a silent spectator
listening to that transpires now and later
from within and without  be it
never commenting good or bad in a bit.

Doors like human has ears and eyes
and a mouth too but very nice
speaking nothing ill of anyone
preserving its dignity always never for fun.door


Never There Was.

Never there was a frontage

that would serve a s a binding

whether be it in  bondage

or be so in  the winding

less to be heard so much .


Never there was aI-was-there-for-you-never-forget-me divulge

that carry with it an involvement

whether be it in an indulge

or be so in the development

less to be heard so much.


Never there was a fulfillment

that land you in a state of bliss

whether be it an achievement

or be   let  out like  a fish

less to be heard so much.


Never did anything great come into

that bring you fame and fortune alike

whether it be of merit

or be it of disdain in the like

less to be heard so much.







Mirror For You

Mirror_test.The talk shows your breed 

the way you behave

illustrates your culture.

that being so much in the stream.


The top of the voice shout

hurling remarks unwanted

harping on the same

lands on in a troubled scenario.


The courtesy on extends

the politeness one professes

the dignity one maintains

tells us of the man.


The indignation being controlled

very much in the voice

expressed in words soft

go to make a long way.

The displeasure being exposed

very much in the behaviour

robs the quality of the etiquette

going to stop in between.


The few requirements make the most

raising you above the mark

pulling you down the drain

think of the repercussions and move.


This be  a mirror for you

seeing an angry face is not worthy

looking at a smile lit up face

moves your heart to happiness.


With that be your attempt

a sincere and straightforward

living up to the principles

would be a chance to your success


The Colour Of Greed

The colour of greed
they say is somewhat yellow
a pale transparent colour it might be
as the translucent delivers the quality
there be an exposition of stealth
there be a delivery of inkling
that of wanting more and more
not being fastened to the bowl
but getting over the river
calling for a desire much more
that of requiring all to one
making others leave to a shun
that be the fallacy of greed
leading to a direction scheming
where the path goes soft and smooth
climbing up with all possessions
know not how to survive
with that comes to an ending 04-08_yellow
a battle of embitterment in the run
shattering the faith and belief
that if there be good
there would certainly be  a reward.