Daily Archives: February 8, 2014

Over And Above.

The over and above

there be a branch

butting out from a big tree

where there are many fruits

easily accessible  to everyonedownload (45)

that being  in an enclosed garden

the reach is little tamed

thought the boys did not let it go

they stood up on each other

one over the other like a pile

sufficient to reach the top

got hold of the branch

shaking it brought  the fruits down

while the owner came running with anger

the boys ran off in such speed

while  the owner stood there helpless



The Fall Down

A beautiful flower 

bright and yellow

falls down

hurting none


A lively child

falls down

hurting itself badly

not the place where it fell.



A pretty girl

falls down

she being squashed up

with an abused body

and a deranged mind.yellow flower



That Be Yours

Everything be not for everyone

your likes might not be another’s

your favourite confines impose to yours

that be the trend always

one man’s meat is another man’s poison

imposing on others your wish

bidding them to follow your desire

be that it may be your wife

or may be your child

that is not acceptable at al

as it might turn atrocious at one level

there goes the deviation

that work up o a congeniality

mush needed for harmony .

with that in mind you progress.