The Tree

There is a tree yonder
as all trees it is huge
with branches spreading over
standing there for long
withstanding the wind
going cordial with the sun that screams though
with such a harsh note as burning
it still maintains peace all through
having been there for a century
near a bridge  that has  been built recent
where thousands of people pass through
generations nearly three have seen the tree
being a delight not only to see
but a place where one can find shelter
the tree has served with happiness
seen many politicians who speak lies
promising good government to the people
but could vouchsafe if it is able to speak
that none have kept up their words so far
the tree stands as a mute witness to all the atrocities around .
It still stands stoic facing all the mishaps .
Long live the tree for many more years from now.
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Peace Be With Me.

I Peacedo not have any difficulties

 that being very much seen in my faculties

 with good eyesight all through

 a voice not sweet but pleasing

 brains very much above average

 comprehension very sharp and keen

 the body not too  supple but flexible 

with a heart able to bear any loss

the walk has slowed down  a little

but could make good a mile even now

and a hand strong  enough to carry

possessing a capacity to type at any speed

for any number of hours

that being my poition now

i do not have any reason to grumble or groan

except for a small mishap here and there

that too is acceptable at a ripe age

with the few grey hair popping out

and little hard to  bite hard nuts


with the right knee aching if strained

other than that I have had a perfect life

with nothing to complain and egret.

Peace be with me always

as I  at certain times   try to make big of my errors .





Limitations being many 

they being too many

wanting to get ahead is a  tedium

as it brings with it a   delirium

that takes the mind away

creating a chaotic intrusion anyway

they keep boggling the thoughts

not allowing a move of any sort

there be restrictions here

that say it is too hard to cross near

there being a confinement there

that proclaim it is a task to do it with care

as the deviations appear to be  extraordinary

the minds82cf3787a300b36deb873b1fe821e0761f32102cceases it operations   and becomes dreary

releasing a kind of inconvenience and a suffocation

ordained to land in an emptiness  without any provocation.


One More Day

The day is long 

with nothing to do

almost dry and warm’

with no rain

being very sultry and sombre

with no activity whatsoever

the breeze is not felt

with no birds flying out

every thing seems to be calm

as being a Sunday

the day of the week

when there be a holiday all over

where there is no bustle and hustle

only the inmates in their parlour

ating and munching something or other

with their eyes glued to the television

while the child watch the Disney land

the adults get themselves tuned to movies

that had the headlines

well that be for the day

as it also has to move away

and pass into oblivion all the wdayay.


The Road I Take

The road I take
 leads me away
 as I take not the normal route
 going by an exclusive one
 that is shorter and quicker
free from the rush
 with no stopping of signals
no halting due to traffic chaos
sounds little imaginative
 yet it is true  and factual
 I take this always  as my way
going by a different  road
 the road not taken  by all
 not only while travelling
 but all through other deviations
that keep me in a place
 very much away from the rest
 the choice always being exclusive.

— road