There be Even More.

The day and night get along

The darkness and light get going.

The hot and cold are found once more.

The joy and sorrow lie together.

The land and water co-exist

There be an understanding and harmony all the more.


With the beauty on one side

There be ugliness on the other

as there be a front seen

there also be a back hidden

There be an understanding and harmony greatly so.


To a point of fact there be an opposition.

To a start of lie there be a proposition.

To each and every action in the world

there be an equal and opposite reaction.

There be an understanding and harmony forever


The water evaporates and goes up

condenses and falls down as rain.

The man shouts and tempers fly

cools down and  stays calm.

that be the natural cause in a way.

There be an understanding and harmony mostly so.


The adjustments small and minimum

releases an accomplishment maximum.

The thoughts soft and stern in their own rights

lend a solace strong and comfortable ever so.

There be an understanding and harmony even more





Right or left  
 does not matter in deft 
or in thefttheft


The Defeat And Triumph

The back ground being serene 

the forefront being jubilant

there be a contradiction

there existed a vie a confrontation

between the external and the internal

the outwardly show gleaming and glittering

the inward struggle caressing and  pressing

there always be a distinction between the front and back

a difference between the interior and exterior

that being apparent in the real and the fake

there goes the great shadow fight

that ends up with the truth overcoming the lies

after much of a defeat in the initial

but getting overwhelmed by triumph  in the end

that be the essence of truth in the  vigorous sense,external vs internal


The Synonyms.


The sultry and humidity  that work together
the bubbles and fume that go up together
the light and shine that glow together
the night and darkness that exist together
there being a togetherness all the most
that bring a fraternity in the streak
and show a friendly ambience in the tweak
proposing an ambience of goodwill and harmony
there lying a cordiality and warmth of kinship
that which is the most crucial indulgence
wrapping up the peaceful coexistence of man and animal
closing up the neat survival of mammals and birds
choosing a lovely understanding between birds and reptiles
that becoming translucent in the environment around us.


Fair And Foul

Fair and foul plays the wind.

fair being less of a kind

foul being more with a bind

there rises a wind with force.


The fair wind being lovely

blows across with a soft whistle

flowing through the face with grace

and through the land with  smothering trace.


The foul the wind be all through

raging with a fierce  slew

knocking down everything on the way

tormenting the land and sea all  in a day.


Being so in life all the most

with the fairness being seen less

while the foulness overwhelms

there seems to be the bad overcoming the best.

fair and foul