Vanity All The More


A girl in her teens
goes by her fashion
that of wearing everything short
glamorous she looks
with a beautiful face and blonde hair
her skin being so silky with no blemish
and her features looking sharp
she goes about with much fanfare
trying to attract all
that does not look decent
as it is typical of a stylish snob
let her be moderate in dress
with a dignified look and grace
she would win more hearts all along
than being so vanity personified.



My Goal

It is a long time deliberation

as why it happens only to me

all others get their rights

I being denied of all them right

I1379775152_KwTVY7MuRHyxgABNE2it_reaching-goals4.jpg ponder and I wonder

both being of no avail

I sit back with a sigh

blaming myself for all the deficits

only that I can do freely

as others around me go with my share

living happily and joyfully

never thinking of my plight

Oh! that be my misfortune in sight

let that be, I stand up again

with a renewed vigour and thought

let bygone be on the go

let me accept life for whatever it is

as no long could I go and fight

with the age going up with the years

resignation settles in with a lasting feel

might be another few more years

I would be around both alert and agile

living those years with a peace

and with a contentment is my goal.




Stop It

Stop it  said my girl
Taken aback I stood up
Stop it again she commanded .
I became  dumbfounded .

Stop it shouted she
I got amused and chuckled.
Stop it she thundered
I laughed aloud .

Stop it she cried
I burst out with a guffaw.
Stop it she wailed
My laughter resonated. 

Stop it she cried
I burst out with a guffaw.
Stop it she wailed
My laughter resonated.

Stop it, sobbed my little girl
I got worked up now really
Stop it,wept  my little one
I embraced her with love.

Saying download (59) stop it meekly
she placed her head on me .
Whispering stop it  softly
she dozed off peacefully

Placing her on her bed
saw the tears drying up
all over her rosy cheeks
Patting her gently
I cried all the more.


The Innovative Kids

the kids are playing around

what a cacophony they make

shrills110823234__323253c of joy rant around

cries of pain resonate through

with a great willingness

they enter the field

with a greater exhaustion

they depart from the place.

looking at them ,I wonder

not on their enthusiasm

that be found in youngsters

not on the stamina they hold

that to be part of the youth

but on their creativity

how many ways they find out

how many way outs they discover

that too being so small

many of them just the age of six

I feel ashamed of me

having been living long

have not thought of anything new

going by the same procedure

set out by the elders

calling myself traditional and conservative.

Really ,I hold no equal to the little ones

out there causing a cacophony .


The Heart In A Race.

The words come out
as we write with ease
jumping out of the heart
processed by the brain
typed by the hand
while the eyes see all in print
the mind reads it with attention
call it proof reading
but before it could finish
certain other topics rise up
he heart deliberates for a moment
as it records them one by one
being a prologue
then a dialogue spontaneity
finally an epilogue
all come with such precision
the brains gets halted
the hands ache for a minute
but the heart propounds
more and more with such gusto
that all other faculties sit back
yearning for a break and a stop over
unable to cope up with the poet’s thoughts
but never  the heart pulls out from the game
as spontaneity is its by word
there comes with a gush
all the emotions that are recollected
with a delivery great and best.