Bequeath Litigation

Solicitors argue  a lot  in court

quoting sections  and codes

the judge passes the judgement

again citing previous verdicts

the parties move out paying money

a part of their wealth as fees  not tiny

A profession so noble as all that

where lies are an asset  in format

truth turns into a liability

working on the infidelity

the profit and loss is drawn

everything else is gone

judgements break the bones

nothing is seriously done

meantime the parties become worn out

breathe  out bequeathing the litigation to their children 250x167xSigning-a-Will-Estate-Lawyer-Brisbane-Queensland.jpg.pagespeed.ic.p3JfwJos9s


The Greed Behind.

The field that is marked
the area that is circumscribed
the border that is crossed
the mark that exceeds
the excess that overflows
the overflow that spurts out
the spurt that gushed out
the gush that flows in spate
well, that is how everything takes place
as the manipulation stretches itself
with a bound and limit
then pierces through the sides
taking the short cut in a speed
calculating the pros with a wit
discarding the cons with contempt
there arises a flicker in the trail
with that the deal comes to an end
as the greed takes over
the passive sleeps over.greed


The Motherly Instinct.


The mother in all of us

the kindness found in us

the great quality of all of us

where compassion gets the strong

that be of mercy in a belong.instinct-maternel-1-162732_L

The facets are too many in the sphere

that being romantic, filial and erotic too

the most illustrious being the motherly

that finds itself in a glow  and a gleam

with expressions of tenderness and care.


The eyes that reflect the profundity

emit the spark of impassionate love

the very look renders an embrace

registering a soul lifting exaltation

that is unfathomable  and immeasurable.


Bask And Bend.

There are people around

who try to bask and bend

who make a life worthy

by talking high of some

speaking of low of others

doing  a lot of lowly task

being a go between

making money out of rumours

gaining place out of squabbles

these be the folk

that come from a lowly breed

who cannot keep their tongue

who allow it to wag

all through the places

with a pungent sarcasm and a sting

Let those tribe increase

as they would hasten the  extinction

both of mankind and the world

promoting violence and tension

as and when the could

proportionate to their ratio

depending on their ability

circumventing their reach.lowly man


The Sun Is Still Sleeping In Malaysia

It is still dark outside 

with the time being 7 in the morning

no sound of the birds  on all sides

not that of the honking of cars or any ring

this would be the usual I feel

where the sun sets as late as 8 in the evening

needing a download (61)twelve-hour break  in its steal

the sun would be up only 8 in the morning

This has escaped my attention all through

might be I would have got late

might be I did not go out and see being true

might also be I being preoccupied  in a rate

with the regular chores

that I forgot to note

the sun rise in the morn. from its source

More or less I conclude

the blame is not on the sun

but on the government  all in an include

that has set the timing so be not it a fun