The Scholars

Two great scholars   
were talking about falling dollar  
lifting their scholarscollars 



The Road Symbolic

The window being an opening
 through which light peeps in
 through which breeze gushes in
 through which I see the world
 wide and large, beautiful and wonderful.
The world out there is exasperating
 with the mad traffic and thoroughfare
with a din and a hustle all the more
with vendors shouting with a force
and the kids playing merrily with all fun.
The window is an eye opener
 as it reveals that which we do not know
 exposing  one of  endurance that people have
 while crossing the roads and lanes
that being a symbolical representation.
The tolerance and patience people show
 while taking the road of life
traversing with care and attention
 be found in the real road they cross
 both being a synonymous  indulgence.



There Be He And They

A man there be
talking  of his greatness
that is how he be
presenting him  of holiness.

Holy he be
reading scriptures always
that is how he be
posing himself godly in many ways.

Saint he appears
with religious marks on forehead
that is how he be
demoralising everyone in the tread.

Pious they be
mostly of godmen  in their garb
that is how they be
disguisingsaint themselves with a throb.

This is how  they be
having an external mask all through
that is how they be
pretending to be religious  in true. 


Man Cries All Through

A man is crying foul

for what I know not?

crying so harsh and loud

why I know not?

crying out that everything has gone

how I know not?

Lo! the poor man is crying all through.


With his cry spreading through

he going and talking to all

that he has lost everything

that be his way through .

poor man ,he being let down

he being ejected by his kith

has now lost his mind.


He ,who shouted that he is the greatest

now is feeling lonely at the latest

a creation of his own mind

that previous one of being smart

the recent one of losing everything

there goes his pride before a fall

a man now no more tall.cryingMan


Fair Be Everything.

Fair be everything

 that be in the mind

 then going you find

foul be all the more.


That be the experience

not only to me but o you

where you find yourself in a pool

full of vibes and viles.


Those are the expressions

that fair would be all

just would be all

that go into the sway.


They be expressions

nothing more  in real

very  much spelt

than practised.


Going by the world

by its  deceits

fair is not the word

that be found in olden days.


Gone is the value of fair

as we see everything foul

so now fair out beats fair ‘

with that let  us be happy.


Fair be everything

has been transformed

as fair not be in anything

let us be contented with that.




The Red Robin

The little red robin 
 is calling me in 
 I am going to go in 
 see what is happening in 
as there is lot of din 
 that keeps going on 
 for a long time on 
 the fellow red robins have gone 
 only a few be there on 
yet the noise is going on 
 with a great follow on 
 rushing in to see what is going on 
found a team of bird there on 
circling round a new born.  red robin