Parks are breaks 

 man-made with  great stake 

for you to take parks


The Driest Weather

driest weatherThe drying yard looked parched
the washed clothes  quickly dried
the pathway was horribly hot
the man stood there all caught
not in the rain that drenched
but under the sun that scorched
pivoted to the centre of the road
with cars on either side of the board
he could not move  hastily all the  way
creeping and negotiating through possible ways
he half burnt and more or less dead
reached home and flung on his bed
totally dehydrated and almost panting
as his wife rushed to him worrying
fed him with lot of plain water  and juice
which relieved him from the bruise
resulting out of excessive heat  .


The Bondage

The house keeper comes on time

no matter it is rain or shine

speaks a few words  gently

and goes about his work

tending to the artefacts

that are on display

talking to them casually

as he has known them for long

wiping them with care

placing them in place

polishing them when needed

all so smoothly and in no hurry

systematically clearing the cobwebs

cleaning the window panes and finally the floors

which do shimmer and shine

exhibiting his skill in doing so

a fine gentleman I have seen

talking very few words

as I have said earlier

demanding nothing all the way

given anything extra

for his long hours if he stays

politely refuses to take it

saying that it is his duty

a man I claim  to be my own

as he had been with me for years together

I might have been deceived by my siblings

and cheated by my housekeeperin-laws

but these kind of people

have ever remained faithful to me

I  am now a few millions less  than those

born out of the same womb

but the reward I find

you might chuckle and smile

is in the nature of such people

who have stayed with me

through my days good and bad

being not very much educated

the work force i have

serve me with loyalty a

while I value the bondage great.



Hey ! Normal Day

The day with a peculiarity 

not one with the day-to-day

very different from the daily

that being one of an event

might sound very odd and silly

but it being true and genuine

the wake up for the day

being very early before sunrise

when still there being a little darkness


with the sun seen nowhere

it is an experience by itself

having the early morn for yourself

with none to share the bliss

not even the birds being out

nor any sign of human movement

with the dogs after the vigil

sleeping pretty heavy in the porch

a delightful ecstasy it is

and having been alive for so long

this day becomes unusually important

with beautiful interpretation

that could be better felt than expressed. early morning


The Cook’s Delight.

The chip chop in the kitchen 

with the cook getting on the run

he always in a hurry

as if some one is ravenously hungry

or be a school going kid  preparing to get ready

wanting his breakfast on the table

or be so an executive running g high

as time is flying in a  speed

with the breakfast getting late

with no such identity in the vicinity

the cook turns frantic in the early morn

pulling the knives from their place

banging the pans with a sound

cutting the onions in speed

while som fall down unable to cope

he shrieks and murmurs himself

chiding the onions for having slipped

and scolding the carrots for being too thick

as the milk vendor comes in with a whistle

the cook’s next human target

who shouts at him at the top of his voice

crying that  his morning tea has been delayed

running to the stove to place the kettle

doing all this with a precipitation

for no reason what soever

as the master of the house is in the patio

reading the morning newspaper

and who has not the habit of sipping the  tea

as he  breaks his fast daily

after taking his morning bath

well over nine in the morning

the cook wanting to finish the day work

wishing BrentPassto chit-chat with the staff

who turn up for duty at nine in thee morning.

What a show it is every morn

a drama in real life seen without a penny.





The News Paper In The Morn

The crack I heard 

made a sound so strange

making me to be on toes

not knowing from where it came

stood almost motionless for a time

while my thoughts made their own story ‘

that being a crash of the roof

a collapse that is coming down

while I being trapped in the ruins

with no help in the proximity

not even able to shout for help

as my voice got stifled in between

that be the end of me cried my soul

which had readied itself to fly

leaving my mortals under the roof

with none to claim it

as my  imagination was building up

my reality came into existence

finding myself standing where I am

intact full of flesh and bone

nothing wrong has taken place

except a creaking sound from the  iron gate

where the paper boy 123612816_amazoncom-lad-o-the-hillsnewspaper- has thrown the news paper

with that begins the day of work

that is my routine all through the years

first  in the morning going through the news

be it how many gadgets come up

with news getting  flashed up all  day and night

the paper in hand in the morning

has been my delight all my life

as you know habits die-hard,