An ode To Hands.

I see my hands
they look grand

lovely and fine

 expressing a sign

The hands  write
they do also fight
extending them out
would  help many without doubt.

The hands work incessantly
lifting and holding reliably
giving a hand  is helping
giving a big hand is clapping .

That goes with the hand in good sense
there being notoriety hence
that of accepting bribe
being no mean jibe
The hand that rocks
does things in a shock
that of corruption  in the go
tending to be fluent in the flow.

The hands that fold and pray
incline toward a slay
taking the sword in anger
or causing an ignominious  trigger .

They being indispensable in all ways
has to be treated with reverence all days hands
the good being greater in the run
let we forget the bad they commit  as fun


The Bird Do .Why Men Though?

Flying up  and down

flying from here to there

has been the habit of birds

they not being  in one place

not walking for a few seconds

taking off in few minutes

has been their way all through

thinking why the do?

Ispent a few good hours deliberating

finally came with a reference

they feeling insecure

fearing some harm would come to them

either by men or animals

they not stick to one position

as they trot and walk

then rise up followed by a downward move

expressing their apprehension

in a way as   not getting fixed to one status

they do fly on and off

Can the same be ascribed to people too ?6a00d8341cb34753ef014e607f5dd8970c-800wi

who not take a firm decision anytime

going back on their words

hitting the same post once again

Well, that might be plausible too.


Indignant I Am

Being a great challenge 

that of resolving all the issues

be that of one very simple

extending to the other being complicated

it is an uphill task so as to say

with people at the helm being stupid

not able to realise the gravity of the scene

taking everything in a lighter vein

not sitting their mind on the points

but spending time on peripherals

leaving the main target to the hollow

staring at the ancillary in a full strategy

making the rest feel chilled and  indignant

thus side tracking the whole show

that be their motto all  through

that has been their motivation in and out

a driving force need to be shot

that would bring them to terms

Oh! when would such travails cease ?

Ireally do not know  as I stand in despair

watching the sun set in the west.



The Word That Causes

The word of importance

the word which carries weight

the word which commands power

the word that percolates through

the word that demands

the word that ruins

the word destroys

the word that plays havoc

is not anything ecstatic

is not anything lovely

is not anything that is ethical

it is that which we call

some with delight

some others with disgust

even more with scorn

is the word corruption

that has entered everywhere

robbing the morales

depriving the rightful

prospecting the powerful

making them rich in tons

that which we have to condemn

with a vigour and rigour

be it corruption (44)


A Voice For Poetry

Everything said there be a point

that needs the best  follow-up

discreetly left from notice

that kept haunting me all over

prompted by many to speak it out

kept quiet all time  in silence

watching the happenings in rapt  attention

surprised to see  the  hub and the excitement

being the need of hour is not that

but a serious consideration of what to be added

each one shouting  with fervour

wanting to be heard in the milieu

letting off the vital and the realism

that confounds the topic in discussion

with that I stood up

and in my usual soft yet stern voice

that which should be includes is not

what all of you are crying foul

it is poetry that should get the priority

as it being a voice of the most creative person

coming out with a speed and spur

putting out in style the mechanism

that would seem to lack interest

if not for this vehicle.