The Cruise

download (39)The cruise sailed slow
the water became turbulent
the entertainment dragged along
there being a panic all around
the passengers feeling the fear
got hold of each other  in  frenzy
the water ebbed over
with the cruise being tossed all over
hoping the tide to settle down
the captain went all around
knitting his eyebrows
rubbing his hands   in confusion
nothing is in our hands you know
half a minute ago it was joy
with a dance and a cocktail drink
now it is sea water causing a havoc
see the tides changing in a second
then why do you go about in such audacity
Ireally could not subscribe


A Talk By The Walk

download (38)The talk going on

 just an empty talk on and on

 a veiled talk in the front

 an open attack in the back

 that be the travel around

 as they go up the road

 with a strong wind

 and come down the will

 with the flow against them

these are the craziest people as seen

who talk nothing with sense

these are the crankiest fellows I know

who talk all lies in the upfront

these are the most cantankerous group all around

who make most by talking irreverent things .

Relying on them is but foolish

going by the words is idiocy

taking them up for revenge is derogatory

ignoring them then and there is prudence.



The Organic Stuff

The home-made is simple

being  not with a dimple

showing out  prosaic and pure

extending all cure

that be the like of a few

preferring  everything in blue

not requiring the embellishments

very particular of the ingredients

there they go with a call

that be from their claim  tall

getting away from anything artificial

relying on everything natural

interested in things organic

running away from the inorganic

the people few as I said earlier

form a  forum to talk about things livelier

a group of people working hard  really

instigating a turn away from the  ostentation  early

signifying a well intended motive behind

know not how fast organic-food-corn-cobit would work  with a bind.












Long Did I Deliberate?

A thought comes up

might sound little odd

but that keeps me for long

the purpose of living

forces me to deliberate

as I sit alone

watching the birds fly.

What is it I am doing ?

having lived so long

having to live for how many years more?

I really do not know

I see the birdsbirds  chattering

existing with no kind of plan

involving into nothing great

just working, eating and sleeping

has been my way all thorough

I notice a bird coming near a window

the  monotony of life has an effect

that of strain in the  routine

breaking would prove a threat

following the course so long

what have I achieved

nothing  real or tangible

I have advanced in age

the little bird sits on the window sill

I now look at it for long

slowly realising the truth

loneliness is only a feeling

and the prodding I did all along

have unfolded a deep truth

that of life in all its form

telling me about  being born

have to go through the life cycle

that is ordained for one

whether it be for good or bad

making it remarkable or functional

is not in our hands entirely

the will and the wish have to be there

along with the conductivity  and conduciveness

which create an environment of  meaningful transaction.

the bird in a wink flies   into the wilderness









A feel of happiness

that of not achievement

one  out of fulfillment

takes me affront

making me relish

and forcing me to relinquish

the earthly  pleasures

indicating me  to highly treasure

faith and good will

which would last long  till

not foreseeing the world to end

which relinquish would move around

with cheer in a merry-go-round.