The Water Force.

the ease and flow
with the ebb and high
through the tide and wave
comes the sea to the land
pushing out a lot of shells
pulling in a fair amount of land
the daily affair continues so
with the flow and blow
coming in and going out
there be as low acquisition
an inch by inch tracking
that which goes on for years
why not for centuries together
the water being a powerful force
attributing a claim in the move
configures the land by lengths
enabling a larger water mass
as against the land proportion
paving the way to an extinction of life
though not to be envisaged in the near future
but being a possibility in the next century

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The Hand That Has Gold

There has been a shift

a paradigm shift

where values were once held high

now wealth rises high

with the power seeking wealth

the hand which has the gold

sets the rule of the land in a crescendo


The golden rule as we may call

being imposed by people of tall

that be of not physical height

but relying on the money’s weight

they order and gather the points

regardless of their validity

growing in stature beyond anybody’s capture.


Those few who wish to remain aloof

rather not to like to be subdued

stand straight and righteous all the more

being eschewed from the stream and tide

by the anointed lobbyists  with a contempt

they being shelved to  a seclusion

denied of their pleasant and of their pleasure

being doomed to penury and to non recognition


The Sea In Its Fervour.

There in the beach 

sitting on the sandy stretch

the thoughts rise with the tide

up and up it goes with strength

then it slowly  flows back

as the tide goes down to the sea.


The repetition goes on for some more time

with the sea fuming and frothing all through

the mind is at turmoil and distracted

sighing and heaving with  frenzy

the sea, then settles down softly

so does the mind relaxing sea gently  to peace.






India In The Nineteen Eighties

Heard of  a story 

nay, it is not one of a story

it is but  a real affair

that came to indira_gandhi_fashion_20070820  alive

down in the Indian sub continent

that of  say in the nineteen eighties

when there in the government

be it in the central

with a host of ministers all being men

qualified or unqualified

whatever might be

most in traditional Indian costume

and a few in the western attire

thoroughly subdued  and submissive

but there be a woman

with an iron will and determination

be it for good or bad

be it just or unjust

be she merciful or ruthless

whatever might be the state

she professed a stern and impenetrable attitude

that made everyone jocularly remark

be there only one man  in woman’s attire

heading the cabinet of women clad in  men’s dress.




The Losers They Be

The state of consciousness  is apparent

The mind  that has  to be at rest

the thought  that has to be sober

the feelings that are to be withdrawn

the impressions that ought to be  sane

the judgement that should be impartial

have all been not found in this world

where there is anarchy all-pervasive

with the authority ruling the land

with wealth dictating terms

and those who subjugate them to such ruse

find their way to glory  and emerge triumphant

the minority who do not want to go by the tide

stand out from the crowd best known as losers

not availing any benefits that would  lead to prosperity

but watch with eyes straight and rightful

that which is gained by means straight

be to them with all gratitude and cheer

the rest be no theirs which would never download (60) their claim.