The Baby In The Cradle.

download (53)The baby was sleeping
fast asleep on the cradle
she being all alone
the mother being in office
not away but  at home
she slept still for a time
having woken up
she crooned softly
smiled to herself
played with her legs
getting amused at everything
that came around her
so speaking she was happy.
that being for long
she felt hungry
finding none were around
she cried slowly
then with all her might
as none could hear her
she sobbed and sobbed
went back to sleep  once more


The Rugged Land

download (52)The land I see  over there
seems to be rugged and undulating
goes it by mounds and bounds
with a terrain not soft but very stern
as nothing could grow there
remains for long an untouched stretch.

As everything finds its way out
this land also  finds its path
with commercials seen all the more
this no good brand rose on demand
as developers flocked their way
there it  stands aloft  with pride.

Its value rises by day and night
that which lay useless all these days
attains  a status primary and elitist
before you could close and shut your eyes
all in a day crossing the millions in a sway
that be the  price of  latent virtuosity  in a way



The Birds In Their Round.

The birds cackle all around

calling for their mates in a round

making merry  on the grass

pecking the insects in the trash

singing to themselves in glee

going behind the buzzing bee

they converge on a hedge  high

exchanging  gestures  with a shy

they fly low and perch on a tree

their little ones  safely be

fondly looking at them for a while

they leave their nests in style

going out  to hunt for further more

an investment for them all the more .







Solace Be Yours

A solace is found

 not in the lap of luxury

 not in the wealth of currency 

 never in the volume of power.


A solace is seen

invariably in the realms of truth

invisibly in the regions of  mercy

independently in the   reigns of the mind.



A solace being not merely

a temporary rejuvenation

a lively at the moment interpretation

a simple adjusting equation..



A solace for all matter

becomes an embodiment of ease and consolation

an exaltation of   resignation and contentmentsolace

an empowerment  of the mind’s competence.




Poetic Fancy

The words come up in closed circuit

giving them a charged wit

closed circuitas they come one by one

they brighten up the writer

making him work wonders

his thoughts queue up

as they get clothed one by one

they dress up beautifully

lining up before the craftsman

exhibiting a dainty pattern

that meets the eye

and lifts the heart.