The Birds In Their Round.

The birds cackle all around

calling for their mates in a round

making merry  on the grass

pecking the insects in the trash

singing to themselves in glee

going behind the buzzing bee

they converge on a hedge  high

exchanging  gestures  with a shy

they fly low and perch on a tree

their little ones  safely be

fondly looking at them for a while

they leave their nests in style

going out  to hunt for further more

an investment for them all the more .







Birds Delight.

The birds are up early today
squeaking and tweeting
making the back yard lively
pecking on the vegetables
munching the grains
and eating the left overs
that lay liberally in the yard.

They have a way of chirping.
A call to the others
comes with a sharp cackle.
A fear that rises up
evolves a hurried squeak.
There we find the difference.

Today it is one of mirth
reflecting a go together move
wherein I find a lot of them
flying low and moving in hops
having fun in my garden
a happy sight to see in the morn.birds



The Cackle All Along.

The bird cackle all day long.
why I know not?
Their chirping is not one of gay
Why is it so I know not?
What for they make noise so sad?
I think in length all the while.

Listening to them always made me cheerful
Buoyant would I go with their songs
Humming with them all through the intervals
ans watching them in glee every time I see.
They are an inspiration to me all along
as I see them to be one with them in a belong.

The cackling continues more with a tinge of sadness.
i go in and out to find what went wrong.
getting no clue fromcackle their movements
retreat inside with a terrible alarm.
Confused and clueless I sit in a daze
not ever finding the cause of the mirthless cackle.