The Stagnation

There goes a crane

which stands on the lane

seems to be a bane 

as the traffic  is held up

with the engines in the start-up

grunting in a low sound tup  lup ,tup lup

the crane seems not to move  even a little

as its parts have become worn out and brittle

the passers-by do not want to settle

there for a long time  stuck up in the traffic

they try to find means to move  out of the peak

could not trace any little way in the   freak

they get impatient and start to mumble

pulling their face long and they  start to grumble

well, to their good fortune the crane started in a fumble

pushing out lot of fumes and froth  all very dark

then gave a jerk and went ahead with a bark

there came an end to the temporary stagnation icranen the track.









Simple And Raw.

There be a slight confusion
over a matter simple and raw
there need be no distraction
as it appears there is no flaw
yet there arose a protest
claiming to be agnostic
that does not require  any test
but brought with it a direction Agnostic Front - Working Class Heroes (1)hypnotic
condemning the doers to a punishment
comparing the event to an irrelevant  episode
wherein lay a junk of derailment
that erased the whole thing without a code.


The Dog

A dog limped its way

 dragging its hurt leg

none took notice of the poor one

as it went all the way limping

Where is it going to go?stared I at the dog

None to give good

and none be willing to do so

I, being afraid of dogs

could  do  no better

than offer a morsel of bread

that too from a distance .

The fear for dogs

has been in me right from young

as even now I am unable to get over it

it is only for the dogs I nurture fear

with other animals I go about easy.6a00d8341cb34753ef014e607f5dd8970c-800wi





Living On A Tree

Living on a tree
looking from high
see the world down
with men going up and down
know not where theyliving on a tree go
as there is always a thoroughfare
I see with awe
at the frenzy with which they walk
as is someone is behind them
chasing them with a stick
their face all seemingly worried
thinking of something that they have missed
I see all these from a height
feeling much for the human
who have lost all happiness
pursuing the mundane


Thinking Long.

Thinking about a thing

 all the time without break 

 leads to an obsession

signalling a negativism

inducing an apprehension

that might bring in an uneasiness

causing a flutter all the way

unable to take a decision

that would stifle progress

.Leaving it like that for sometime

would bring in a  conclusion

and with that we  go high

reaping benefits all the more.

Allowing it to too much discussion

would defeat   the purpose

thwarting the project. download (47)