Back Home

Back in Sydney 

saw my dad  with glee 

hugged him with love 

 and greeted him with bow 

seeing him after two months  long 

 makes me happy  to go along 

 holding his hands  I walk home 




Guard you may

going through all the way

God be you .God


The Win And After

There was a shout
be that of anything out
that be of nothing stout
but being of  a great win out.

The noise rose high
perhaps it went up the sky
hastening the birds to fly
win and after as they felt shy.

The sound was so deep
made everyone leap
they jumped very steep
tears coming out in a weep.

The crowd getting jittery
they started behaving  quirky
there  arose a tension jerky
creating a chaos and turning murky.

The win was a fabulous one
with an impressive run
where one could see a lot of fun
ending up with friendly shots from the  gun.


Laid back Town.

A little way from here

there is a town near

small and sleepy

laid back and funny

it being so nice

with its lovely guys

who get  up late

know no date

loiter about

enjoy no doubt

eat what they like

when they wish

with no specifics

not there be any artifice

deeming  all things great

expecting nothing in the rate

that be their fair play

nothing more to say.slow town











Long It Looks

Long be the time 

long be the frame

long be the schedule

long be the task

long and lengthy

all seems to be

with nothing much to do

as long hours free

makes you long

not long for anything material

but tends to run into a feel

that the day is long

the years are long

and all that is existential

is long and (42)


How Did He Do It?

Broad and wide goes the road

lengthy  and long flows the road

winding and windy is the mind

the man behind the wheel

drives through the road

with the mind taking a path

wholly different from the real

that be long and lengthy ‘

he driving through the road

while his thoughts take him

where he does not know

as the thinking is windy and winding

making him halt and stop

not in the real sense

but in the thoughtful accent

he going on and on  straight

while his thoughts deviated

how did he do it ?


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Nothing Be There

Nothing there is as much as we imagine

nothing there is as much as we see

nothing there is as much as we hear

nothing there is as much as we feel

there is nothing at all

as time passes into memory

as the impressions fade away

as the scenery gets distempered

as the tale becomes obsolete

as the experience turns outdated

really there is nothing  at all everywhere download (40)