Started To Write A Poem

I started to write a poem
with keen insight diligently
halfway through
my heart cried
not at all nice.

Stroke everything off
and wrote once again
with descriptions
and scenic presentations
not at all good
said the heart.

Erasing everything
from of the paper
and from the mind
added the rhyme scheme
and elaborated the story
Oh! very bad  , so very bad
exclaimed the heart.

Disappointed  I threw
everything into the bin
went to sleep in disgust
with seething anger
cursing my inaptitude
fearing that I have lost
the heart chuckled. 


Why do you kill me?
asked I in indignation
not allowing me to live
nor die in peace
leave me alone
I shouted loudly
the heart mocked at m
I told all these it said
just for fun.




Missed Calls

Phone calls deluge

calling off  at the first ring

charges  being   the issue .


Resolved not to call back

the  caller anymore  at anyicon_cisco cost

as I am charged too.



The Dashboard

Dashing through the board 

I hit upon the dashboard

which has a record of mine

that being my posts in a twine

all  that be the views for the day

the comments  in a way

all in one form and design

that has been great and dwarf

with that of my counterparts

who do shine far more superior

greater in their popularity

and greatest in their reach

I see them with wide open eyes

as the dashboard tells them

with a statistics and graph

tdownload (43)hat has been a straight hit

that takes me by bit

and prompts me to rummage through

with a reinforced gusto all over.


A Yarn Of Intensity

There being a monument

built of  pale jaipurred stones

standing magnificent

on the side of the road

looking beautiful .


Stopped by to have a look

the interior was fascinating

with a lovely embellishment

all on pillars and ceilings

a creative splendour .


The doors with adornments

intricate and  pretty

the flooring shining and inlaid

with design art

made it even more attractive.


Any work of art

be it architecture or painting

they have an intimacy

that go to spin

a  yarn of   intensity.



The Skin Over You

Skin tells your story 

a read tells me so

that took me by surprise

as I read it by chance.


Being  your personal medical practitioner

skin having been with you all time

growing old with you too

knowing what goes within you.



A discoloration in your face

be the forehead , cheeks, nose

it tells you in its own way

there be a deficiency around.


The wrinkles and lines

you see not only in your face

that which we pa attention

but also elsewhere is indicative.


They say that there is a mishap

a great break down is somewhere

have to peruse the article  deeply

ascertaining the areas oaging-causes-dark-circlesf drawbacks .


it gave me a lively read

that which tells us what we need

as we could get things alright

if we  keenly get through.


This being a revelation

wanted to share it to all

so I come in the morning

to be with you all in timing.





Not A Mere Tree.

The tree over there 

rustles in the wind

with its branches moving

and the leaves making a noise

that is so minute  and soft

not heard by many

but those who lend their ears

get an inordinate delight

as if some music is on

accompanied by the cadence of wind

punctuated by the movement of the branches

added up by the cackling of birds

backed up by the humming of isects

all beckoning you to a fete ‘

that goes unheard all the most

as we be preoccupied in our nest

held up by the daily chores

glued to the idiot box

addicted to the computer

missing the ecstasy  there

that is being convened yonder

not very far from our precincts

where we pay nothing at all

but gain a lot   with no interrogationZimmermanImage

appeasing the mind and body.