The Angel’s Check

Give me angela hand
said the angel with a wand
not trusting the angel fully
he extended his hand partially
the angel seeing his distrust
came forth with a test
that being a check for his belief
one that could grant him a relief
she asked him to lift her high
he thinking it to be an easy try
made an attempt to bring her i
it became difficult as she was heavier
though she  appeared slender and elegant
her weight was unexpectedly  defiant
letting his attempts go in futile
he gave up the  struggle
with that the angel gracefully  rose
flying into the clear blue skies  with a force.


Fighting Tooth And Nail

There being no amity among the brothers
that being very much tarnished
with that of one brother
the rest numbering to three
got together to oust him out
not aiming to break the ties
but refusing him any portion of he wealth
that they all had got of inheritance
one coercing with the other
while the third one posing as a good one
trying to fish out is going in the mind of the one
so as to hatch a plot and get him out
with great effort the family of the affected brother
kept them all away from throwing tantrums
while they by sheer skill and with judicial expense
managed to get the larger portion of the wealth
while the minor part has to be let out in the milieu
having had to fight for the major part of his life .tumblr_mwjngznPQD1rqr335o1_500


Where Is Law?

The laws call for no flaws
however we find more defects
that escape from the legalities
finding a loophole is as quick
as that of closing and opening the eye
with that goes the man scot-free
not answerable to any law that is found
The law books abound lawwith clauses and sections
that carry our many instructions
being that how many of us
has read all these rules and regulations
leave alone the lay men
how many jurists would be familiar with these
one can vouchsafe that there be not a handful.

With the frailties that go to the levels much high
the judiciary seems to be a miscarriage  all over
with frequent abortions on the anvil
the legalities die a natural death in the fetus
that be an opportunity for the penalised
get away from the judicial custody
entering the world with a new thought and desire.



When The Wind Blows

the wind is calling me

 from a way away

 persuading me to fly with it

 across the oceans

 crossing the deep blue waters

carrying the salty moist laden vapours


with a fury and frame  most strong

depositing them into the place it lands 

resting there for a while in the still silence

again collects its momentum with a force

then blows across the opposite direction

raging in violence bringing the sky down

with that it enters another region in the sphere

completely tamed down and quiet

flowing like a cast away

ending up meekly and demure

looking as though it is paying its obeisance .


The Heap

There lay a heap

be it trash

where could we find

things all in dust

good or bad might be.


The heap grew in size

as days passed by

going higher and higher

piled upon the lovely earth.


They become contaminated

flies and mosquitoes breed over

stray dogs pull them over

making a mess of the whole.


Those that disintegrate

mulched and decimated

the strewn bags of  polypropylene

lay there glaring  hideously.


This careless act of throwing

embitters the environment

rendering a habitation

unfit for living.


That may be a point as of now

that concern of the future

looks horrible and disastrous

converting fertility to sterility.