The Blades Of Grass




The blades of grass

so far gleaming and sharp

shining with dew over them

glimmering in the day light

looks so pale and brown

turned so for no rain

withered and haggard

they appear in the morning light


A noteworthy sign of prosperity

grassthese green grass transformed

now to a dull dry coarse  yarn

render a feel of sadness in the tone

there be a strain and a drain

imploring for  copious rain

that play cats and dogs all through

signifying a parched lifeless land.



The Consent Order

consent order 480wThe consent being given
the order being drafted
the draft being signed
the original being sealed
that too in a court of justice
months later there be a rise
there be a call for amendment
going back on every clause
saying this and that
attributing various factors
that escaped by oversight
appears so cheap and deceitful
they are not men in real frame
being chicken-hearted not to be so
they be not right-minded beings
they be not righteous and even minded
their reaction could be termed as
fickle and unfaithful, heinous. and shameful.



Green And Yellow

The grass is green
everyone knows
the hay is yellow
that all know
what is new ? in that
you would ask. with a shout
the fresh one being green
and the dried turning yellow
shows a real follow
that things when are new
look beautiful and gleaming
catching the eye all the more
when they be let like that
for months and years together
they transform into a substance of mellow
with a maturity all round
modest and charming as well
which is old has also a value
that being young commands a fair chance
there  goes the way of life in a circle
all great and good  on the round.
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A Stay

A month of stay
which is no way
a great help in a way
as in the day
there be no progress to say
going by the things not so gay
the prolong remain in the place is at bay
for it does not bring any prospects in a tray
but proposes a wasteful time and energy in the stray.stay


The Bud.

The tiny bud
looks like a stud
beautiful and good
closed and opened .

The closure is so tight
giving a lovely sight
allowing nothing to penetrate
not even air in a rate.

The opening is so subtle and small
perceiving through it is  a crawl
as it remains so budtight-lipped
not wanting to losses the grip.

The bud is tricoloured
white pink and red
run through it so rhapsodic
leading to a revel mystic.



Brain is dead
the heart lives in beats
the man sleeps . coma_1615608c