Hot, Hot, Malaysia

I see heat really  with my eyes 

 How come ? you might ask.  as if it is a lie 

It is seen actually  right before

The roads glitter in the sun  all the more

It is silvery everywhere  across the tar road

The glare is too much  to bear on board

It is so shining  and blinding

catching the eyes in a ring

not really capturing the eyes as such

not really seizing the eyes  as much

Well really ceasing the eye sight

it being so shiny  and reflective  in a bite

that I could not see over  at all

but see the heat alone  while I fall

Hope you come to terms with me  now

Where ?you would ask  to know

Oh! let me tell you  the place

it is so in Malaysia

where the heat is existential  with might

with no rains almost for a fortnight

while my washed clothes dry up in an hour

my plants wither in   twenty four hours

my trees dry up in a week mostly

while  I suffer a sun stroke  essentially

withstanding the exhaustion  efficiently

a little exposure to the sun

tan the complexion not brown

but turning to soot black

Well, that is how is Malaysia

with heat circulating around

and Malaysia rains not be found







How To Bring Destruction?

There be an intrusion

be it  small or simple

be it  big or complicated

it being an interference

needing not much attention

yet creates a disturbance

that be one of distribution

not one of accumulation

deranging the eternity

fragmenting the infinity

there goes a missile

not be it literally

being seen as a weapon

that throws the eternal

shatters the universal

breaks them into pieces

being the aim intended

succeeds in achieving

a victory for destruction.




Dainty Pie

The flavour in the pie

the smell that emanates

greatly igniting the wish

wanting to savour it  in deviates

tasting it bit by bit

let not in one go

well as it lies there closely knit

devoured by many in a flow

the aroma  keeps my nostrils panting

while my taste buds flip-flop

I stand in the queue wanting

seeing the layer in top

being swapped in gently

entering smoothly into the throat

it being a dish of dainty

that would melt in the mouth  as a float

Oh! the dish is making me ravenous

as waiting increases the  appetite even more.

dainty pie









He Is A Man

Daring he went in

where the house  caught fire

without any thought he moved in

minding not the flames that raged  with ire

caring  not his life that is precious  although .


He broke open the house

locked by the parents a few minutes from now

keeping the children  inside the house

as they being working all time  for income low

both venturing out for  a short break although


The man opposite seeing the fire

rushed in and broke open the door

which would have turned to be a pyre

had he not  broke open  the door

seeing  the two children  sitting although.


Seated where the mother had placed them

scared to see the flames going high

made no noise as they saw death  around the

waiting for their mom to come after the buy

the kids frozen to death although.


He flung the door and darted in

pulled the kids and perched them on his shoulders

took a sharp turn  and ran hearing no din

at the same time came down the boulders

a miraculous escape it was although.



What an attempt  it was I stood  amazed .

What a man , my heart cries out to him

What a life for the toddlers who still are dazed

The act made me understand that people like him

still live in this world of deceit and greed. burning housealthough.




The Insecurity

Keeping vigil all through life

with a thought of being deceived

the mind keeps on blowing

while the inner self straightens

not with boldness

but with  ultimate fear

something would happen

something is amiss

cautions the self

keeping not the mind at rest

but placing it in a position

difficult and  distraught

yet  life moves on

while the man becomes old

so his longings lose sheen

and soon he would die

with the fear in his mind

that insecurity passes on

with generations coming up

how much there would be an advance

either way say by

technology and science

the apprehension retains its place

as men die with an insecurity always