The Favour And Flavour.

The string of flowers

Be it roses or jasmines

b0026 rosepetal-garland-png them both together

tied up together

form a garland of beauty

with a lovely aroma and colour

insisting a cajole and a coax.


A choice of words beautiful

comprising of grace and poise

expressing the feelings  in chaste

with an emotional smear and taste

lend an exotic form  of expression

that of poetry in all  its glamour.

The flower and the word  all in all

get into the stronghold  in length

entering  the soul with their  sweet  touch

meandering through the  curves and turns

lifting the spirit by a gracious rhythm

releasing at a time the favour and flavour.




The Coins.

One a penny two a penny

hot cross bun goes  by the rhyme  

 comes to my mind now  in chime 

when pennies had a time

with that we could buy buns

as well as could have fun

now pennies are pennies alone

with them  we could purchase none

as they are just coins without value

having made of metal of value

just keeping them as memoirs

as they would have a great repertoire

as those who collect coins  as a hobby

would  get it for any cost without a lobby

that way goes the coins all along

while they had a history of (57)




The Law Of The Land.

If there be a law

there are too many flaws

that come and go in ease

as they go about in a tease.


The law of the land

looks complicated and grand

they include clauses and sections

that now have become fictions.


Law, they say is common to all

no distinctions between poor and rich  in all

there is a lot of discriminations

that is the cause of terminations.


What for is law? Query all

when there be no justice at all

while the wealthy go free

the poor get trapped in the spree.


Legality exists in the face

finding nothing else in its place

it continues in books and courts

causing an expense of remarkable note.


That be true of law in modern days

as there are no hitches  in the race

that go to hold justice with great respect

being endorsed by testimony in any aspect.





Over To A Rose.

Over there I see a rose

which is lovely and lively

she being always a fascination

calmly releasing an amazement

enlivening those who see (56)


The little rose pink and yellow

dangles in the breeze with a flow

majestically beckoning all to her

a ravishing beauty indeed!.


The flower with dainty petals

so soft and smooth in elaboration

with a skill and a thrill in designation

sings with mirth the joy of fulfillment.


Fear rises when I see the little rose

a little move wrong  would disturb her

a slight touch even would torment her

she being so delicate and pretty.


The tiny rose on the green stalk

with the pricking thorns sticking out

opens up with a glossy cheer

invigorating the heart that watches her.


The rose sends an excitement all the more

then and when she comes out with a new shoot

holding my soul and spirit together entranced

as I devour her beauty with my large eyes.