In Her A Sheep


Resembling a sheep
being innocent with no make over
truly ignorant in the look still
she be a lass of great beauty .

The charm in her is overlapping
that be the child like attitude
all the more that be her genuineness
might also be her gratitude.

These three go to make her what she is
a personification of simplicity in full
exposing no vile or deception at the most
being born as an angel of love and grace.

The analogy of sheep might sound a little quixotic
that be akin to a foolishness on the outset
but to me it signifies a gracefulness
that be of elegance with a subtlety.

My definition be very much off the mark
but to me it indicates a veracity
that go to make her look like a sheep
timid and loving, benign and bestowing.sheep


The Man Tall

download (55)The man very tall
had a great fall
he broke his bones
he being  alone
could not manage
so had to arrange
a helper to look after
being one who liked laughter
found a maid who was  quiet
she did her job quite right
the tall man got short
his tempers rose in a shot
started to torment her on and off
the woman turned to him with a scoff
not able to co-exist with her
he drove her off in the spur
Lo! the tall man lay alone
as he had broken his bone


Down The Lane

Down there goes a car

it is a brand new one

shining black in colour

going behind it were boys

who always love to watch cars

being less privileged  poor ones

they like the sight of cars

and if any new one comes

run behind it to touch and feel

the eyes of these boys

show a dazzle bright

longing to have one such

let them be blessed with tt

wishing them all the opportunities

and means to buy even a better one

Well, that day s not too far

as they are bright and clever

with an aspiration great

be that be this car for the moment.



Socialism In The Skies

There be too much activity

that of flights coming up and down

people moving out very quick

while now airports seem to be crowded more

the bus stations look worn out

and the trains puffing into

seem to  wear out

with people on the jump for quick means

the planes flying over the air

facing no traffic   interruptions

going through no signals

no speed breakers and humps

but through the plain sky

fast and speedy in a stretch

piercing th white lazy clouds

flying at heights great

with none to patrol you

the hourly flights have gained momentum

with the fare being arranged with the season

also with the much time ahead booking

there goes a cheap to and fro flight charges

making everyone fly with a happiness

espying a great deal of socialism there

which the great socialists of our times

would never have thought or dreamt of .aerial view.





The Sun Out There


The sun burning out
with all its force
wonder wherein it gets
so much stamina with chose
what does it drink?
what does it eat?
that gives it so much energy
shining non stop
all the twenty-four hours
be it int he northern hemisphere
be so in the southern sphere too
nosunt getting tired as the day progresses
becoming strong and staunch in the noon
Oh! what a miracle it is !
I keep on thinking with an amazement
not only today all the more
but the day when I came to know
it is the sun that gives us light.