The Motivation

Things have to be done

a let off would  lead to a halt

that be the motivation behind

going with a deep involvement

the factors being pointed out

the figures being worked out

the graph being drawn

the strategies framed with skill

a lot of attention being diverted

the outcome would have been wonderful

if the time had been in favour

so that goes by the belief

be there in the right time

at the right place being vital right place

then you catch the opportunity

with that you get off the mark .




The Court Of Law

To become a judge
men pay money nowadays
with that how  do you expect?
law and legal  candidly

A man who pays high
becomes a judge with aplomb
using his high office
with an eye on money

Gets he millions  at the back of his chair
multifold of what he has paid  to occupy
where do you expect?
law and justice in the frame.

Seeking recommendation  from the powerful
he deigns the robe of justice
succumbs to the vile practices
was he has to gift  handsome rewards.

That which he spends  to acquire
has to come back to him in his tenure
the vehicle being his office  of a judge
he makes a lot  more than what he could

That being so in all circumstances
then where do you expect?
impartial judgement in the court
which turns into a commercial hub.

Court of Law is a sanctum
where there lives the justice
which has to be put in high security
without getting exposed to  the guile of currency  


The solar Energy

The rays of the sun keep falling
with a shine and bind
that enhances the growth
pushing a photosynthetic activity
a great way to expand
and a great means to exhibit
the sun being the giver of light
also contributes to the life
with the sunlight there be benefits
innumerable difficult to enumerate
that be of supplements of vitamins
adds to the rejuvenation
there also be a fund of other outcomes
that go in to make the sun the largest provider
let that be so in the run  mostly I assure
now there comes another product from the sun
the solar energy that would bring marvel
as the dependence on man-made supplies getting defunct