Global warming. Poetry

The Long Summers.

The summer is early

it hots up dearly

before it was once yearly

now  it is present daily

the breeze  is hot

men are caught

water is bought

this is what happens

as the summer sharpens

the heat deepens

there is perspiration

there are indispositions

there are propositions

the global warming  stems up

left as such would hot up

one has to top up

with ideas for reduction

and strike a note on deduction

along with an introduction

that way the summer could  shorten

the other seasons would lengthen

through which the temperatures would lessen

a research and a study should ensure

a back to the old days of moderation in an warming

exaltation. glow Poetry spring

Spring Arrives

it is a morning call

being the crows call

reluctant to wake up

go further down in a step

a snort and a snore  loud

could be heard  with a sound

the daily chores  are spring arrives so

as the rest come in a row.

Come winter  the snow sweeps

whisks through the breeze

the summer heralds a show

as activities go in a flow

the fall is wonderful

with colour changes in full

come spring with its glory

reminiscent of the hoary.

The advent of spring  in a bloom

dispels the long set gloom

the flowers break out in a blossom

like to hold them to the bosom

the trees bear fruits small and big

all but with no exception of a fig

the birds tweet and chirp with such melody

as they sit up  and sing with rhapsody.

The lovely season of all

spring beckons  a great call

the yellow tinge spreads all through

lightens up the valley with concepts true

the golden sunlight that passes in a flood

cheers up the face   with a new blood

it is an all round celebration sumptuous

release an exaltation not dubious


The Midsummer Dream

The midsummer dream

of sunshine and pleasure

induces one to take leisure

as it is a season of treasure

great and clear of nature

bounteous in its fruitfulness

caressing in its expansiveness

weather  of sensitive exuberance

where growth is  in predominance

while life  enjoys a reverberation

be that one of  great exaltation

trade and transaction are  buoyant

cheer and spright  are flamboyant 

a  season so nice and cordial

though one has to go through an ordeal

of hard work and strain in diligence

yet a respite in general  and in advance

as the fall and winter  come forth

which provokes one to a loathe

as the snow and cold knock one down

and the brows knit in a frown.


Actions Haiku Poem

Reverse- Haiku

hurricaneWinter becomes hot
Calamities of nature reverse trends
Summer turns cold