bounty Nature Poetry

The Diversity

the_flower_of_life_by_fracfx-d3fawqcThe diversity as seen

landscapes  as have been

undualting and flat in a way

makes it look like a play

the ups and downs

makes one to frown

yet they seem to be attractive

as they remain inconclusive

whare do they start ?none know

where they end up? no one knows

they go  to places in the stretch

call us together in a fetch

we crowd to such places

happiness is apparent in our faces

yes, Nature is such a beauty

has lot of treasures in its booty

a great going indeed as I admire her

an admiration grows around her

well, Nature is enormously  fastidious

and everything looks infectious.

exasperates. infinity Poetry tree

A Communion With Infinity

A tree over there

looks so huge

spreads a canopy

a shady deal

a respite from the heat

a beautiful panorama

grand and eloquent in strength

where I could see

nests of birds

while squirrels go up and down

the monkeys all up to pranks

the fruits hang down

large and lascivious

bright and yellow

the tree seems a paradise

great like a device

awesome and breathtaking

lovely and exasperating

I see the glamour

the magnificence enhances

a communion with the infinity

lasts all day long.Paradise